Charlotte Dumas

Charlotte Dumas

Guinness Highland CA 2011 © Charlotte Dumas

From 'Retrieved' on the surviving dogs of 9/11 coming out September 11th 2011 pre-order at


CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Thu, August 04, 2011 21:08:52
Coming out September 11
Published by The Ice Plant Los Angeles

In 2001, in the chaotic hours and days following the September 11 attacks, nearly one hundred trained search dogs and their handlers were deployed by FEMA to assist in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Enlisted from a network of 26 task forces in 18 states around the U.S., these dogs worked around the clock locating survivors in the rubble, alongside firemen and other teams sorting through the debris. At the time, Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas, was intrigued by several newspaper photographs of the animals in action—a dog being transported in a stokes basket on cables suspended high over the wreckage; a dog intently searching while maneuvering over enormous bend beams; dogs receiving eye drops after and in between shifts—powerful, poignant images that stayed with her for years afterward. But what were the fates of these dogs once the rescue ended? Where were they now?

In early 2011, nearing the ten year anniversary of the attacks, Dumas succeeded in locating and visiting 15 of these dogs, photographing them in and around their homes throughout the U.S., where they all still live with their handlers. In what has become Dumas' signature style—thoughtfully composed portraits, shot in medium format at close range—the photographs offer an intimate view into the everyday lives of these working dogs, united now in the vulnerability of old age as they were once united in a common purpose. Retrieved adds a unique and timely element to Dumas' ongoing exploration of the complex and often vital roles animals play in our lives.

Since 2002, Charlotte Dumas has worked excusively on photographic projects exploring the ways in which we use, define and relate to animals. Her work has been published in several previous volumes, including Al Lavoro! (2011), Repose (2010), Paradis (2009), Heart Shaped Hole (2008), Reverie (2006), and Day is Done (2005). She lives and works in Amsterdam and New York.

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De Avonden

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Thu, July 07, 2011 13:15:06
Dobderdag 14 Juli 21.00-23.00 Radio 6

Anton de Goede in gesprek met Charlotte Dumas.

"Zij vertelt over haar nieuwe project waarvoor zij de overgebleven de search dogs van 9/11 fotografeerde...Dumas maakt kunst als troost, en vertelt daarover terwijl ze met Anton de Goede door Artis wandelt"

Bailey 2011 Franklin TN © Charlotte Dumas

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Volkskrant Kunsteditie

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Fri, February 18, 2011 16:58:39
Twee portetten voor de Volkrant Kunsteditie 2011 in een oplage van 25 verkrijgbaar via de Volkskrant.

Pluto Rapallo 2010 20.5x27 cm

Sage Springs NY 2009 20.5x27 cm

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Al Lavoro!

WorkPosted by Charlotte Dumas Mon, January 17, 2011 20:50:13
Al Lavoro! is a series of portraits of working dogs in Liguria Italy.
Among them a life guard dog, truffle searching dog, fire dept. rescue dog and ex-laboratory dog.
The project was commisioned by the Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea 2010/2011.

A book was published by Fantom Books
click on images to enlarge -image appears below-

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RFC 2011

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Mon, January 17, 2011 13:05:26

The book ‘Al Lavoro!’ is out now!

7 medium format photographs

24 Polaroids of working dogs in Liguria

Commissioned by Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea 2010/2011

Text by Francesco Zanot

Ten special copies are available signed by the artist and with ‘la zampa di Ursus’- the foot print of Ursus the cover dog of the book.

The book can be ordered through

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Best books of 2010 by Photo-Eye

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Fri, January 07, 2011 11:17:40

Selected byMelanie McWhorter


Photographs by Charlotte Dumas.

Charlotte Dumas.

Selection of this Dutch photographer’s work on animals is comprised of ten panels beautifully printed on a folded card stock. The presentation allows for an unfettered relationship with her portraits of stray dogs, horses, tigers and wolves; animals that are depicted living amongst humans in one form or another and seem to be solemnly judging us. “There is a collective solicitude among all animals in these portraits. They appear to have an awareness of each other, revealing a kinship among them. Contemplating the place of animals in our world as it is, this work surveys the specific relationships we have with animals that define us as human beings.” A limited edition of 100 copies is also available. Repose has been on shown at the Foto Kunst Stadtforum in Innsbruck and at Julie Saul Gallery in New York in the fall of 2010.

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Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Thu, December 30, 2010 13:09:32
5th edition Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea ‘Return to Photography’
Solo exhibition ‘Al Lavoro!’ by Charlotte Dumas curated by Francesco Zanot.

January 15 – February 13 2011

Antico Castello sul Mare

Preview- Thursday January 13th

6.00 p.m.

Presentation of the project ‘Al Lavoro!’ and viewing of the film ‘Like an Animal’ by Walter Stokman.

At Spazio Forma, P.zza Tito Lucrezio Caro, Milano

Opening Saturday January 15th

3.00 p.m. Round Table discussion with Andrea Botto, Alfredo Cramerotti, Charlotte Dumas, Francesco Zanot.

At Villa Queirolo_Casa della Cultura, via Aurelia di Ponente, 1 Rapallo

5.00 Opening exhibition ’Al Lavoro!’

At Antico Castello sul Mare, Rapallo

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Alec Soth 2010 Photobook top ten+ Self Published

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Sun, December 19, 2010 12:01:36

Ten self-published photo books
It is important to highlight the incredibly vibrant world of self-publishing in 2010. What I love about much of this work is that it is less about the aspiration for profundity than it is about raw energy. To use the music analogy, these books are more like live shows than albums. As such, much of this work rejects the world of traditional commerce, book awards and top 10 lists. Nonetheless, here are ten that caught my eye this year:

Procrastinations by Jack Webb
720 (Two Times Around) by Andrew Phelps
Sketches by Viviane Sassen
Repose by Charlotte Dumas
Desperate Cars by Sébastien Girard
Grown Down by Lindsey Castillo & Tuomas Korpijaakko
As It Is? In Four Chapters by Harvey Benge
Since July by Eric Ruby
How Terry likes his Coffee by Florian van Roekel
Getting to know my husband’s cock by Ellen Jong

Thanks to Alec Soth

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Hollands Diep

CalendarPosted by Charlotte Dumas Thu, December 16, 2010 11:20:42
Double interview met Rineke Dijkstra out November 15th.

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review by Melanie Mc Worther-Photo-eye

pressPosted by Charlotte Dumas Sat, November 13, 2010 12:39:45

Melanie's Picks: Charlotte Dumas' Repose

The animal portraiture is a popular genre in contemporary photography. Many of the photographers who chose to photograph animals (and people in general) attempt to anthropomorphize the animal kingdom applying our emotions and expressions to these beings. This type of portraiture creates an empathetic relationship with the subject of the portrait. Artists like James Mollison in James and Other Apes and Nick Brandt in On This Earth and A Shadow Falls (and the deluxe book sharing both titles), have successfully translated this field of photography into the book format. Charlotte Dumas' previous bookHeart-Shaped Hole first introduced me to her two-year project on the stray dogs of Palermo, Italy. This new book does include some images from this project, but expands into other quadrupedal beasts. Whatever these animals are experiencing, feeling or thinking in relation to the photographer, the description of the book suggest that these animals appear regally, but not in indifference, but as in judgment of the photographer and later the viewer. That may be our assumption, but nonetheless the portraits of the animals are outstanding in their simplicity. The book has a heavy card cover wrapping around folios each displaying an image of one animal -- framable and viewable without the intrusion of the gutter of a bound book.

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